Q: What if I can't afford to pay for camp?
A: There are several payment methods available for you and your parents. First is the payment plan. This requires a $50 down payment and the other two payments must be paid by the first of May and June. Second is a fundraiser. We will be trying two different fundraiser options. This also requires a $50 down payment. Lastly, we have some funds for financial aid. We need a $50 down payment for this option as well. Sometimes this not possible because of multiple children. Call me and we will work something out. There will be an application available at registration and it will be due two weeks later. We are very limited on funds and we will do our best to help as many as we can, but this option is really a last resort. Please try to the other options first if possible!

Q: Can I take a cell phone?  
A: Simply, No. There are several reasons we don't allow cell phones. 4-H Camp is about learning independence as much as it is about fun. We operate on the assumption that no news is GREAT news and that if you aren't calling home it is because you are safe, healthy, and having fun. If you become sick or there is an emergency then we have phones at camp in order to call home. If there is an emergency at home then we will provide multiple numbers for parents to call. Other reasons we don't allow cell phones are for safety. With today's technology there could be pictures posted online of you that you did not authorize or that are not appropriate. We are also very active during the day and if something were to happen to the phone we are not responsible for the loss. During registration there will be a cell phone policy that we will ask both camper and parent to sign. This policy states that if the child is found with the phone after Monday, they will be sent home and no refunds will be given!

Q: Can I take an ipod/ipad/electronics?
A: We don't allow electronics except for a battery operated alarm clock or camera. Disposable cameras are encouraged to prevent damage to an expensive camera. There will not be time to use these electronics and we see them as a distraction from enjoying the environment, making new friends and learning new things.

Q: What if I get homesick?  Can I call home?
A: Here is the way we work with homesickness. All of our teen leaders have been trained in methods to help you work through missing home. If that doesn't work then they're going to bring you to me. I am going to try to talk you into staying too, but if that doesn't work then we will call home. Almost everyone I've ever allowed to call home was not satisfied with just talking to their parents. They usually go home. We do not give refunds for someone leaving unless it is an emergency and even then I can't give full refunds because I am charged for the kids that come on Monday. That means I can't give refunds. It is 100 miles one way to the camp. That means your parents will have to drive a long way to pick you up. If you are prone to homesickness start practicing now!  The more you stay away from home the easier it will be!  

Q: Will I get to request who I am rooming with?
A: During registration there is a place on the general form to write down who campers would like to be with. Groups and cabins are decided by age/grade in mind. There is a wide range of children going (4-7). I do not feel it is appropriate to have such a range in a cabin because of their development stage. I do my best to accommodate special requests that involve siblings, but generally major differences in age/grade are not in the same cabin. I also try to keep schools together when possible. If there is a major issue with a cabin/group assignment then changes can be made at camp and not before. Our teen leaders are placed with age groups based on what age I feel that they will work best with. They are also instructed to call roll 3-4 times a day or more and I need to make sure that they are included in any changes that take place.

Q: What happens if I get sick? What if I have medicine?
A: We have a trained medical representative on campus at all times. Additionally the summer camp staff are all trained in CPR, AED, and first aid. If it is a major injury or illness Johnston Memorial Hospital is 5 minutes away from the camp. I personally or an Adult Volunteer, will be with you at all times if you are transported to the hospital your parents will be called immediately! If you have prescription medication, inhaler or epi pen those need to be turned in at check-in on Monday before we leave for camp. The Med Rep will administer those meds when it is time. Medication that is given as needed such as ibuprofen, antihestimines, pepto, etc. are all there at the 4-H Center. If your doctor prescribes multiple over the counter meds in combination then a note from the doctor must be sent. Information about how to pack meds will be given in the pre-camp packet that will be sent out before camp.

Q: Will I need to bring a pillow, blanket, shampoo, towels, etc.?
A: Yes you will need to bring all of these things. I will send home a list of everything that you need to pack and some suggestions of things to bring.  

Q: What if I don't like the food?
A: Trust me...you'll love the food! It is really good and meal times are fun at 4-H Camp. If you don't like the main meal that is offered you can choose a PB&J or salad instead. We also have the camp store where you can buy snacks and we provide a county snack each night. We do not allow you to bring food to have in the cabins because of bugs and mice that would be attracted to the food. We will always make sure you're getting enough food!

Q: Can I bring my own gun for the shooting class?
A: No weapons are allowed at camp. All guns that are in used in the class have been inspected for safety and will remain locked away at the end of each class for your safety!

Q: What time do we go to bed? What time do we get up?
A: We are really busy all day! We will get up at 7:00 and won't go to bed until about 11:00. This is a long day! We do have a couple of break times scheduled throughout the day, but we will be going all day. We encourage you to drink a lot of water and to eat every time we have meals! You'll sleep really well when you get home!