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Virginia Cooperative Extension relies on volunteers to accomplish its mission. We believe that active citizen involvement in our programs makes a difference in our success. The work of volunteers at the local level helps us leverage our paid faculty and staff resources into a much greater impact for the people of Virginia.

There are many ways you can get involved with us. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss available opportunities.

Extension Leadership Council (ELC)

A primary means for the community to be involved in the programming efforts of Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE) is through a representative group known as an Extension Leadership Council (ELC).


The mission of an Extension Leadership Council is to develop and implement a program plan that will direct Extension’s resources toward the resolution of identified issues and concerns.


  • An Extension Leadership Council is composed of a diverse group of salaried and volunteer staff.
  • An Extension Leadership Council assumes responsibility not only for identifying the needs and concerns that exist in their planning area, but share a commitment to determining solutions, implementing them, and evaluating and reporting results.
  • Volunteers and Extension staff are equal partners in the process.
  • Volunteer staff may assume major, equal, or secondary responsibilities for the analysis of the planning areas’ situation, the design and implementation of the educational effort, the evaluation and reporting of results, and the renewal or termination of existing programs and activities.
  • Extension Leadership Councils have the right within the context of VCE’s mission to determine what the planning area’s program will be, and to advocate locally, privately, statewide, and federally for funds, staff, and other resources.